There has never been a global challenge quite like the climate emergency. It is predicted to affect every person on Earth.

We have already felt the effects, many of them dramatic, yet the evidence is that this is just a taster of things to come. In response, we must accelerate the decarbonisation of the world economy on an unprecedented scale.

So, this sustainability issue of Observe magazine is arguably our most important one ever.

Because business has a vital role to play in slowing the heating of the planet and adapting to the future climate. It will take the very best leaders working with extraordinary talent to ensure success.

In Observe 18, we consider not just the climate mountains to climb, but the solutions too, across sectors from food to shipping, infrastructure to fashion, mining to finance.

Businesses have an extraordinary power to adapt, and often to lead the way, in finding solutions to big problems.

Observe 18 reflects that hope. If you share our optimism, then sign-up for your free copy now.