How millennials are reshaping corporate culture

India’s fastest growing hospitality company OYO is among the businesses that have ditched tired old hierarchies writes Natasha D’Souza.

Right now, millennials represent a quarter of the world’s population, circa 1.8 billion individuals (Financial Times). And they are the largest segment of the US labour force (56 million in 2017 according to the Pew Research Center).

Unsurprisingly, the preferences of this influential labour class are dramatically redefining the essence of a strong company culture. Millennials are challenging the archaic management systems and cultures that have always depended on hierarchy.

OYO, India’s fastest growing hospitality company, embraces the fact that it is “driven by millennials”, reveals Dinesh Ramamurthi, CHRO at OYO Hotels and Homes. Is why it’s India’s fastest growing hospitality company?